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Ournaira is a informative revenue sharing websites that provides genuine and quality information to the general public.

Why Write for Us?

    • You have the ability to get links back to any site. You can place links within your contents so far they match what you are writing about.
    • You will have the ability to be a full time blogger or writer without having to build your own blog.
    • You’ll get exposed to targeted viewers
    • You have the ability to write about anything Legal even if it involved your daily life
    • And also , you have the ability to write and earn money instantly. No Jokes.


How Does the Write And Earn Works?

On Ournaira, we are set to enrich and make your online activity worth while. Many individuals are blogging this days but many do not earn from it. Here you can make that “earning” a reality.

As a contributor, you have the ability to place your adsense codes on all articles you provide on this website.

All you have to do is to log in, and insert your publishers ID into the dashboard, then automatically, all your post will carry your adsense ads.

We accept articles that fall under the following:

Dating & Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Side Talks, Sports, Technology, Business, Politics, World Press.

Once you have your article posted, we will review it, if it matched our needs it will get published.

If you have problems getting an adsense account, We can help you.

How to Register and Submit Articles

Click here to register for free, and start submitting.

NOTE: We do not allow copied articles, so don’t even try submitting them.

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the rights not to accept any article, publish or edit any article as we dim fit without any prior notice to the writer. Once we’ve accepted and published your article, it becomes the property of Ournaira.com and you have no rights whatsoever to re-distribute or resale, either online or offline.


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